2017 Player Evaluations

Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.

Player evaluations are required for players Little League® 8 and older (Spring season only) for league placement and to help in drafting balanced teams. Registering for a specific division does not automatically mean a player will be drafted to that division.

There are 4 evaluation dates to choose from and it is okay for your player(s) to attend multiple sessions (not required, but open to players).

  • Thursday, February 2nd, 6-8pm (Majors Baseball ONLY)
  • Sunday, February 5th, 12-4pm
  • Wednesday, February 8th, 6-8pm
  • Saturday, February 11th, 12-4pm

To minimize the wait times for assessments we have added the ability to reserve an evaluation time slot. Please visit http://canyonviewll.com/registration/ to reserve your players time slot(s). NOTE: We can accommodate 2 “walk-ins” during each time slot and those will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

What to Bring**

  • Each player should bring their fielder's glove, not a catcher's mitt or first baseman's mitt.
  • Bats are optional, and will be provided if a player doesn’t bring their own. If a player has his own batting helmet they can bring that, too, otherwise one will be provided.

**All personal equipment should be labeled.

What to Wear

  • Dress for the weather, the same as you would for an outdoor baseball practice: cleats, t-shirt or sweatshirt/jacket, baseball pants.  No jewelry.

How the Evaluation Process Works

  • The players will be evaluated in five baseball skills; running, throwing, hitting, fielding ground balls, and fielding fly balls.  Evaluations are conducted by the Coaches and Player Agents and scores are kept confidential.